Happy JVC Adopters

Happy JVC Adopters


Tread was hit by a car and had multiple fractures. Due to his severe injuries, he was surrendered to Jarrettsville Vet Center. With the help of our clients, Paws for Life and No Kill Harford, we raised enough funds to fix Tread’s leg. Within 1 week of surgery, Tread was placed in his new home. He and his new family are very happy. His new owners said Tread is spoiled rotten and prefers to be carried around all the time!



Just wanted to let you all know how well Bowser, who we adopted from you, is doing. We changed his name to Boh. He is an awesome dog and we love him to pieces. He is a quick learner and very smart. A perfect addition to our family! Thank you all, Tyler did a great job picking him out for us!


Blue came to Jarrettsville Vet Center because he was vomiting and had a severe heart murmur. The owner was unable to treat Blue so she transferred ownership to JVC. Blue was diagnosed with a (PRAA) persistent right aortic arch. PRAA is a congenital anomaly that causes a blood vessel of the heart to constrict the esophagus. Blue needed heart surgery to fix his anomaly.

The dedicated JVC staffed raised funds to help Blue.Thanks to our very generous JVC clients, we were able to raise funds for Blue’s surgery. Dr. Chris and Dr. Magnifico performed the surgery and Jess adopted Blue.


You may remember Kiki. He was always hanging out at the front desk greeting everyone. Kiki had a rough start as a kitty! He was rescued from a hoarding situation and lived at Animal Rescue for months with chronic respiratory disease. He came to JVC and was diagnosed with a nasopharyngeal polyp and needed multiple surgeries. Kiki is now on the road to a full recovery. He has some facial nerve paralysis, but is recovering well. We adopted Kiki and can’t imagine life without him.

Here is a more recent photo of him all healed from his surgery!

Dr. Amy Hubbard and Family


My wife and I have had two boxers over the past 21 years and fell in love with the breed. We decided we reached an age where we were not sure another pet was in the cards for us. We decided to foster pets and were fortunate enough to run into JVC on our second fostering. We were also fortunate enough to have Melissa and Laura from JVC have a major interest in the future home for Chester, a 3 year old Boxer. It was a rough start as the first thing Chester did at our home was cock his leg on a couple things including my wife’s leg. But that was it and he adapted to our home quickly. In fact we decided to adopt Chester in his first month with us. Since we have an acre, we installed an invisible fence and he recognized it from a past home and easily learned his limits. Since this freedom, he runs full speed and plays frisby and ball with us. He has a desire to be on our furniture which is something we are working on, but have no doubt we will break him on keeping my couch warm for my return home. I am grateful that JVC and other agencies have a desire to find good homes for pets like Chester as he deserves it. Thank You JVC, especially Melissa and Laura

Philip Fox


We saw Lilly at JVC and she was just so adorable. She was so full of energy we were not sure if we would be able to keep up with her. We decided to foster her anyway and adopted her in about 1 month. We have had Lilly now for about 7 months and she has come such a long way. She goes to dog camp at least once a week to help keep her socialized and she loves it there and they love her. They talk about how well she gets along with the other dogs. We spent 8 weeks at obedience school and she out shined every dog in there but she was so bored she barked a lot and got lots of peanut butter. I wonder if she barked just to get peanut butter. Lilly likes to go everywhere with us, I just wish we could take her.

We have an invisible fence so Lilly can play in the yard and she loves to be free. Lilly loves to chase the rabbits, and birds and lounge in the sunshine.

Thank you JVC for allowing us to make Lilly a part of our family.

Pat & Joe Staines


Here is a short disertation about Willie, and how he’s doing. Long story short, he’s in seventh heaven. He now has us well trained, and acts like he’s lovin life around here.

He joined us last February as you recall, when we lost Wizard. At that time, you called him ‘Quaker’, but with his general demeanor and many of the habits (many bad, like Wiz) I was kind of thinking he should be called Merlin, because of the way he chased balls, sticks, and anything else he could find. I was soon opted out for “Willie”, as in will he listen, will he come and a few other choice reasons.

He has joined right in with Jake and is slowly learning to work cows. It’s a kind of funny thing to see a natural herding instinct in a Border, and after a year, he is starting to realize there is a method to it. It’s also fun to watch them both go after the herd. Willie is more of a herder, and Jake is more of a heeler. But the pair are slowly learning to work togther and have become good at moving cows where we want them.

He has also adopted our Granddaughter and the neighborhood kids as his own. He is constantly running with them, and has turned out to be a great babysitter for anyone who will ‘fool’ with him. As I said earlier, he is busy training everyone in the neighborhood that they were created to keep him entertained. He will be at your beck and call- all you have to do is to throw a stick for him.

In short, he’s having the time of his life. He’s still a ‘teenager’ in our years, and having a ball growing up.



Marmalade, AKA Marmy. We adopted her from JVC on Friday December 29th 2017. I saw her picture posted on your website and fell in love immediately. I made arrangements to meet her on Tuesday December 26th 2017 and I didn’t think I could fall any more in love but I did for sure. I filled out the adoption application right then and there. We were approved for adopting her and on that Friday of the same week I picked her up and brought her home. Of course she is special in so many ways, but her tumor makes her very unique. She wasn’t predicted to have a long life span with her tumor, her age and her heart murmur. But here we are almost two years later with her, and she is a very happy kitty. She has adapted very well with her “four kitty sisters”. She is one spoiled kitty thanks to my boyfriend Andy, who she has claimed as her person. I am thankful everyday that I was able to adopt Marmy and give her a loving home. Many thanks to JVC for all the help they have given us with her.


Kati Wilson