About Us


If anyone asked me to describe who we are at Jarrettsville Vet I would answer that we are a little bit of “old-fashioned full-service veterinary medicine,” and, a little bit cutting edge disruptive radical animal welfare driven “compassion comes first” soul.

We often are called upon to try to get impossible things done. We do so daily through the use of our modern state of the art diagnostics, practice-based experience, amazing medical and surgical skills, and sheer determination to stand by the values that brought us all into veterinary medicine. We are unlike any general practice veterinary facility. We are innovative, creative, and fiercely dedicated to our patients and the clients they bring into our lives. We start with a “yes” attitude and never put finances ahead of needed life-saving care.

Every patient is treated with love and kindness. Every client is treated with respect and every case is given as many options as needed to find their happy ending.

We at Jarrettsville Vet firmly believe that pets are an integrally important and valuable part of our lives. They are our children, our companions, and our beloved ones. For some people they are everything in their persons lives. It is our goal and our mission to do everything that we can to build and strengthen the bonds between companions and their people. We are here to help keep your family member happy, healthy and hopeful on both the easy sunny days of their lives and the hard, difficult days of healthcare crisis. Jarrettsville Vet has a pet food pantry for people who cannot afford to feed their pets. We provide TNR assistance to local rescue groups. We never use or offer euthanasia for any other reason than to end pets suffering when no further treatment is available. No client will ever have to choose between care and finances. We will move mountains for those who love their pets as family. We are one family dedicated to all pets care.